What is the best way to apply P&P products?

Every Prince & Princess product has an accompanying application advice. But one thing is certain, they  are best used daily, gently and by clean hands or single fingers.

How do I know that Prince & Princess products re effective on my baby?

The easiest way to know is by conservation. When you start using P&P products, it won’t be long do you to see that the skin of the baby is becoming even better by the day, especially when you use the complete pack.

Moreover, Prince & Princess is perfect for the whole family, not just babies & children.

Do Prince & Princess products contain chamomile?

Simply no! P&P products don’t contain chamomile.

At what age can I start using sunscreens on my baby?

Dermatologically, babies and children of up to 3 years of age should avoid direct sunlight because the protective system is yet to be fully developed.

Why are P&P products void of strong perfume? I truly would prefer that?

Well, dermatologically proven, strong perfumes are not the best for new born babies because at that level, it can be reactive to their system.

But considering choice of some mothers like you, Prince & Princes has in its kitty some products like the P&P Wipes, P&P Lotion, P&P powder with very attractive perfume that are not detrimental to babies health in any way, yet providing you with such beautiful perfume that you’ll love.

Which P&P Baby products is produced without preservatives?

If you’ve a strong desire for products without preservatives, search no further! P&P should be your final bus stop!

How often do I need to change my baby diaper?

As often as you wish is good, once it is comfortable for the baby.

However, P&P diaper, no matter the size is produced to absorb up to a litre without any discomfort to the baby, thereby helping you economically.

Am in love with P&P products but frustrated that there is no such from P&P for adults like me

Firstly, there re beautiful products from P&P carefully manufactured for you too! Our P&P lotion for example is best for you too. Also the P&P wipes.

Moreover, we are glad to announce to you that we are looking into P&P Sanitary pad which we promise to make one of the bests.

How often should I bathe my baby?

Excessive bathing of your baby isn’t the best for them as it could stress the natural protective barrier of your baby’s skin.

However, considering people in the tropical areas like Africa, twice bath daily is sufficient, in as long as the bath is relatively not a long one & specially when you apply P&P Essentials on the baby after bath.

Can I apply a regular body lotion on my baby as I use it myself?

Emphatically yes! Once the weather is not too hot (because of heat), we advice to use it after each bath as long as the lotion to be applied is P&P lotion. It is dermatologically produced to be effective without an after effect or side effect!

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